OSHW Logo for Kicad PCB Milling

Last updated: March 1, 2012, 9:38 p.m.

Screenshot of the OSHW logo footprint for KiCAD

I've been tinkering with some simple PCB layout jobs in KiCAD over the last couple of weeks. (Hopefully they'll be worth posting here if I can get them finished!) One of these boards is probably going to be cut out on a PCB mill, so it's not going to have a solder mask or silk screen. I wanted to still have the Open Source Hardware logo, there's a big selection available at including downloadable modules for KiCAD but they're all silk screen logos, so I went about creating a copper only logo.

My solution is 22 pads with various arbitrary rotations and all are trapeziods. It was remarkably easy to do with the current KiCAD, although I did hack a little python script to scale it to a sensible size in post processing. I may make some bigger ones but this is 10mm across which is a pretty big hole to poke in a ground pane on most boards. Download at the bottom of the page.

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