Z80 Project

New Z80 Project Photos

Last updated: March 16, 2011, 4:41 p.m.

I've just uploaded a group of new photos to the existing Z80 project gallery. These show the new MMU and the UI board, never before seen on the internet!

Z80 Project Gallery

Minimal System A stack of stripboard
IO Board A single bit of strip board with chip sockets and a battery holder
Labelled IO Board Chip sockets are labelled in this one.
Test Setup With Current Monitor A board hooked up to the multimeter to measure current.
CPU Board Another bit of stripboard
Labelled CPU Board Labelled chips on a bit of stripboard
Front Panel The connectors and lights for the front panel.
Zilog Z80 Processor A Zilog Z80 processor.
Front Panel Board A board to hold the connectors for a frontpanel.
UI Board Another board mounted in the chasis.
UI Board Alone The UI board separated from the rest of the system.
MMU with 1MB SRAM A memory controller board installed.
Memory Management Unit Alone The MMU board separated from the system
Full Wired Ratsnest The whole computer all wired up.

Z80 Project
Z80 Mark 2,


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