A Lot Has Changed in 10 Years

Last updated: Aug. 21, 2015, 12:34 p.m.

It's ten years today since I registered the domain name for this blog, and a lot has changed in that time! I've gone from being at secondary school to being a full time, professional engineer. I've got a PhD. And I'm now married with a son!

Ten years is a long time in electronics, to put it into context the ARM Cortex-M3 is only 11 years old 1. Ten years ago the first ever video was uploaded to YouTube2 (which wasn't owned by Google), and Smartphones weren't a thing yet 3 4 .

It's been an educational experience running a website for so many years, I've gone through three hosting providers, 4 content management systems and many operating systems over the years. My current hosting provider Linode are easily the best hosting company I've dealt with. The content management has gone through two itterations of custom PHP a long spell using Drupal and is now back to a custom written application written with the Django framework. I've settled on a website hosting platform based on Debian, I switch between pure Debian and Ubuntu server.

I can genuinely recommend running a website as an exercise in learning how the internet really works. You'll learn loads about security, backups, practical content management and how to manage a server.

The content has been the most consistent thing on this site, with a few odd posts about other things (now migrated over to ) it's been all about electronics. Mainly about digital and embedded systems. In the last few months I've been busy with my new son and moving house (over 200 miles, that's a long way in the UK!) Once things have settled down a bit I hope to get back to my projects. I've got some fun dev boards still waiting to be used nd a Novena open-source laptop with SDR to play with. So keep an eye out for new content in the years to come.

I've renewed the domain for another 5 years. Let's see what the world of electronics is like by then!



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